Lets Discuss Media Technology


            As we humans advance in technology, we have discovered new ways to communicate with each other. The goal has always been to make communication possible quickly and over long distance of land. From the smoke signal to the messenger pigeon, man’s quest from the beginning was to discover how to accomplish this goal. The invention of internet technology continues to give us new and exciting ways to send and receive messages from one another. Media technology is on the leading path towards the future of communication.

            The following are four examples of media technology used every day. I have deciphered a brief description of the technology and the general audience who would have a need for its functions:

·         BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) – is an instant messaging application available only to Blackberry users. The BlackBerry website (2011) explains that the program is “chat style layout and [has] unlimited characters” (¶1). The app is an enhanced version of texting with features that include real time confirmation of message delivery, status updates, the ability to share photos and videos, as well as a display picture for other users to view. The audience of this technology are owners of Blackberry devices who want too instantly communicate with others.

·         Twitter – is a micro blogging site that lets individuals post updates about what they are currently doing. The site “is a real-time information network” that all connects users topics they find interesting (Twitter, 2011, ¶1).  It only allows users 140 characters to say what is on their mind, allowing for a lot of creativity in self-expression.  Twitter’s audience includes both individuals and businesses that are looking to receive and give information to others

·         Wordpress - is a content management system that is used to create blogs and websites online. Volunteers who create “plug-ins” enhance the user-friendly platform. Similar to mobile applications, plug-ins allows those using Wordpress to create any site they can imagine (Wordpress, 2011, ¶4). Many of the sites that people visit everyday on the World Wide Web were created using Wordpress software. Its audience includes anyone who wants to create a website or blog on their own.
·         YouTube – is a video share site that allows users to upload, share, and view videos. Now one of the most popular sites in the world, YouTube has become a part of our culture. The site is also a social network in that many individuals use it to Vlog (video blog). With individuals sharing their vlogs, favorite TV and films, as well as homemade video, the audience for the site is every single person on the planet.

            While the majority of the above-mentioned technologies are web based, they all have usage on cellular phones. As we use the internet more to communicate, it becomes imperative that we have access to the same technology as we are on the goal. It is interesting to note that many of the websites we use on daily basis have applications for mobile phones. While BBM, for example, is something that only Blackberry users can have, a mobile version of YouTube or Twitter is available to all cell phone carriers. The future of media technology is how well can it be used on individuals computers as well as their mobile calling devices.


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