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Occupy Clarksville Uses Social Media To Keep The Public Informed

Clarksville, TN – Social media has become the best way for information to travel to like-minded people. A great example is how the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread nationwide through the use of social networking. Major cities like Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago have all started similar protests as the one in Lower Manhattan. Even smaller places like Clarksville, TN have their own Occupiers. 28 days ago a group of about 20 people decided to show solidarity with the Occupy movement by utilizing their rights to protest. They are now at Public Square across from Clarksville’s city hall.

While the group is not allowed to have tents as in larger cities, they work together by taking shifts. The most activity happens around 6:00 PM, the time the group uses to have their general assembly and make decisions as a collective. Information is then passed on using the group’s Facebook page and Twitter account. The Twitter site uses the trending topic #occupywallst to attract those who are in support their cause. The Facebook page is constantly updated with status messages to keep everyone informed.

The small group of occupiers are in constant communication with each other through the use of smart phones and laptops. Credit: Jason Luntz
What is very noticeable is the constant use of smart-phones, such as iPhones and Blackberrys by the individuals sitting outside. There are many applications made for Twitter and Facebook  for these mobile devices that make it easy to stay in contact with each other. The group has a website but it does not have much activity. The bulk of information remains on the Social Networking sites.
Photos taken by the occupiers are then uploaded and shared online. Particularly on the Facebook page these images and other topics are available for discussion.
According to the Facebook page the group demands an end to:
- Wall Street money in our politics
- Unemployment
- Student debt
- Home foreclosures
- Corporate greed
- Attacks on organized labor
- Racist police brutality/death penalty
More information about Occupy Clarksville is available at and
Written by Jason Luntz